Search Engine Optimization

Content Strategy 

Pretty pictures and a smooth looking website only go so far if there isn’t great content backing it up. Content marketing is the true king of being found on the internet, problem is crafting this content is not easy.  We can help you with a strategy that can save you hours of planning, or our awesome gun industry copywriters can help you get found and get more people interacting with your brand. We take the tangled web that is words, photography, video, and give you the map that guides you through this mess. 

Search Engine Optimization 

We have decades of experience in making sites that google loves, our search engine optimization is one of the reasons we are so different than other firms. If your web guy doesn’t know the difference between a billet and forged lower, chances are they can’t optimize the site in a way that actually brings in gun guys. Optimization goes far beyond stuffing keywords into the page, it is a comprehensive overhaul of the way that information is laid out on your site, including things that the usual user would never see. 

PPC Consultation 

With google and the like being hostile to the gun industry, pay per click is usually out of the question. We have a team in place that can navigate the tricky process of leveraging paid search rankings to help you get found more and make the best use of every cent you pay to google, or facebook. 

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