Most blogs and reviews focus heavily on guns, today’s review is going in another direction the belt. When I say the belt I mean just that, I’ve ran many “Tactical” belts in my day but the Boxer Tactical Zenith is in a class of its own. I will preface this by saying prior to meeting the owner of this company at a gun show I had NO IDEA this company even existed, let alone was based a few miles from my home. I got the belt months ago, but wanted to give it a real long term test before I wrote about it since a belt is something you wear every day, and not something a day at the range can accurately judge.


You can learn most of what you need to know about a product by learning about the company that produced it. Companies like Wal-Mart obviously don’t have American pride in their hearts, Boxer Tactical is the absolute polar opposite. Shaking hands with the owner, who is a true patriot and dedicated to the percept of liberty you know that boxer is focused. His status on YouTube and as a NRA news commentator is a testament to this. The company website covers in detail their extreme dedication to using only the finest materials and manufacturers from around the US.


The first thing you notice on this belt is that it is thin. Most very rigid good rigger belts I’ve used have multiple layers of material to create the rigidity, this one uses kydex inside of the material to be just as if not more rigid as the best belts out there. The thin profile of the belt makes it suitable for everything I wear from jeans and suits to 5.11 pants. The cobra buckle locks up tight, and then when you need to take it off it is a near instant, one handed operation which I like. The simple 1 piece belt is nice for saving some real time in the morning over multi-part belts, you just slip the belt through the loops, through the male part of the buckle and then use the Velcro to hold the end tight.


After using this belt almost daily for 4 months I am very happy with the belt. It is now a steadfast basis for my EDC kit. It along with my Kershaw knife is always on my go-to list. While I may carry different guns based on my clothing or the weather it will always be held on my body with the zenith belt. I have carried everything from a compact Bersa IWB to an 8 3/8s 44 mag with it. I would recommend this belt, and anything else boxer puts out to anyone without a second thought. Check out their website at In closing buy honestly American , buy Michigan and support liberty.