Our Contract

Filling Out a Contract is About as Fun as a Stovepipe at the Range…. But at least we make it pretty quick and easy.



Below is the contract we ask all clients to sign before we can begin work. It is broken up into sections based on your needs and inputs. If a field doesn't apply to you leave it blank.

Basic Information

Click to Continue. On average it takes 5-10 minutes to fill this out properly

Domain & Existing Website Transfer Authorization

Ie; Godaddy, Enom, NameCheap

I, hereby give Center Fire Creative permission to work with and correspond on my behalf with (Current Hosting Provider) and (Current Domain Registrar) in order to transfer our domain name(s) and website content.

Legal Information

Legalese, terms and conditions.... It's not fun but it is needed. Don't worry though, we let our skills speak for us, not a piece of paper.

Hold on,

We know reading through these terms, or signing something with specific legal agreements can suck, but it provides both your company and CFC assurances that certain things will be done, and we will be compensated.

If you'd like to talk with us before signing please call us, we're happy to help