April 21st, 2015 will be the day google rolls out the BIGGEST search change in history.The two previous major revamps (Panda and Penguin) affected approximately 30% of all searches…. Combined. The mobile friendly update is going to affect HALF of all searches.

Let that sink in the primary way 90+ % of all businesses are found is about to change the way it ranks websites dramatically. We took a look at analytics from 10 of our clients, including parts manufacturers, outfitters, gun shops, and a grip manufacturer. Of these 36% of all searches (the average, some higher some lower) were from non computer searches. This is clear evidence that even in the gun industry there are serious repercussions to this update.

What is it ?

The mobile friendly update is exactly as it sounds it will give preference (especially on searches from tablets, ipads, iphones, and cell phones) to websites that work well on such devices. We’ve all felt the annoyance of going to a site on our phone or tablet and it’s been next to unusable on the mobile device. Google understood that and is moving to help make lives easier, that is unless your website isn’t responsive (no mobile sites from 5 years ago do not count).

What can you do ?

The gun industry already is marginalized by search engines, and social media so this change can destroy many businesses in the search rankings. The only way to prevent this loss is to ensure your site is mobile friendly (Responsive). The easiest way to do this is to re-size your window to a small portion of your screen, if there is content or menu cut off when you do this your site is NOT responsive and you need to fix it NOW. Even if your site kind of works on a phone you need to ensure that it is prepared for this change properly. To see examples of what a properly responsive site looks like visit: http://reddottactical.com/ or http://www.armorytc.com/ or http://www.pdccustom.com/.

Please also contact us if you are unsure, we will be offering free site responsiveness checks, and also free site audits to see where else you can improve your site, your rankings, and your profits. Cfc is THE company to help your firearm industry website maximize it’s potential, with over a dozen of the best coders and seo experts in the country on staff we can help turn this google revamp from a burden to a competitive edge.

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