How to write Great SEO Content for Your Gun Industry Site


Writing Great SEO Content is Easy 

Google can be pretty choosy on how it likes to see content written. Websites need simpler wording and some specific formatting. Google likes to see some extra formatted content to rank a page higher. This page is not only a guide for writing SEO content but is an example of a well written page of SEO rich content.

Using Simplified Words for SEO Content

The average reading level of the users of any website will likely in the 7th to 9th grade range. Google knows this, and can reward a site for using smaller words, and low usage of adverbs and passive voice. Thankfully there’s an app for that. Hemingway is an online app built from the ground up for writing good content. The app will guide you as you write keeping your content clear and focused.

Formatting Good Content

Using good formatting is essential when writing website content to rank on google. These formatting techniques include proper heading tag usage short sentences and rich content. The heading tag system set out in a simple h1 > h2 > h3 format. H1 tags get used 1 time per page, usually as the title and is the core of the idea of the page. H2 Tags generally to denote the next big idea of the page, and can be like the title / h1 tags content. H3 tags are section headings, these should include the keywords that you hope to rank for on the page.
Other Rich Content
  • Relevant Images (Use appropriate Alt attributes to describe the image)
  • Bulleted lists
  • Charts (Not an Image, but Google charts/sheets)
  • Links or Buttons
  • Forms to encourage engagement
5 More Quick Tips For SEO Writing
  1. Your goal is to write 300 or more relevant words per page of content.
  2. You are writing for the user, not for google. Don’t try to stuff keywords in.
  3. A picture is worth a thousand words, using images engages users and search engines.
  4. Be Original. Spun content, or writing you buy from overseas is usually repetitive. This content can even get you punished by Google.
  5. Start small, but practice. Like any talent you need to practice it to get better.