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July 15, 2015 in E-Commerce, Web Design

custom website development

If you were to count the number of gun shops, manufacturers, pawn shops, and gunsmiths it’d be in the hundreds of thousands.  In this industry you are unique, there’s only one company exactly like yours and the key to succeeding is to stand out and show the world how you’re different.  With that said it is 2015 and 95% of all exposure your company will get is from the internet. Without a good looking, and effective website you are hamstringing yourself.  Many people say “well a good website is expensive, we can make do with a canned design or a quick site”. That simply isn’t the case anymore.  Canned designs and clunky code are as bad if not worse than no site at all.

March 30, 2015 in E-Commerce, Web Design

mobile first gun industry websites

Our last blog generated a lot of questions, and from those questions it was pretty easy to see that some more information was  needed on the different types of mobile websites. So with this one we decided to try to share some intel on the different mobile friendly technologies that can be used to make your site compliant with the massive changes Google is making in April. Those technologies are mobile websites and responsive web design.

March 19, 2015 in E-Commerce, Web Design

April 21st, 2015 will be the day google rolls out the BIGGEST search change in history.The two previous major revamps (Panda and Penguin) affected approximately 30% of all searches…. Combined. The mobile friendly update is going to affect HALF of all searches.

February 20, 2014 in Guns

When you talk bullpups, the name Steyr AUG rises to the top of the discussion almost immediately. While the bullpup market seems to be getting new additions every few years, the original doesn’t get left behind. The AUG A3 is the product of VLTOR and Steyr USA working together to bring back America’s favorite bullpup.

February 6, 2014 in Gear

Most blogs and reviews focus heavily on guns, today’s review is going in another direction the belt. When I say the belt I mean just that, I’ve ran many “Tactical” belts in my day but the Boxer Tactical Zenith is in a class of its own. I will preface this by saying prior to meeting the owner of this company at a gun show I had NO IDEA this company even existed, let alone was based a few miles from my home. I got the belt months ago, but wanted to give it a real long term test before I wrote about it since a belt is something you wear every day, and not something a day at the range can accurately judge.

January 23, 2014 in Guns

Today marks the birthday of the greatest gun designer of all time, John Moses Browning. While everyone knows him as the man behind the m-2 .50, the pump action shotgun, and of course the 1911, one of the final designs he made was for the daddy of all double stack 9mm’s: the Browning Hi-Power. While many forces worldwide adopted the Hi-Power in the original version, some countries like Bulgaria wanted to modernize this phenomenal pistol, and thus was born the Arcus 94/98. We’ll be look at the Arcus 98 DA today.

November 1, 2013 in Guns

For most shooters, the first weapon they get is either a vintage hand-me-down or, like me, a military surplus long gun. I still fondly remember the beaming smile I had the morning of my 18th birthday when I knew in a few short hours I would have my very first gun that was MINE. For me, this was a Yugoslavian SKS, which in turn sparked a love for all things military. Over the years I have bought dozens of milsurps, and then in 2012, I found a gun that completely shook my concept of what a milsurp could be, the Swiss K31.

September 11, 2013 in Guns

Lots of friends ask me about different guns, many of which are obscure and usually from some soviet arsenal somewhere based on my collection of the weird, the unknown, and the mil-surp. One very common question I get is on carry/small sized guns usually in .380. While the average person would automatically conjure up thoughts of a bersa, or a lcp from Ruger I usually come back with 2 options: The polish P-64 and the CZ-83 (.380 or 9×18 Makarov). This article will be dealing with the second, the CZ-83.