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Trigger Pulling Nerds

Shooters know things, usually pranks or dirty jokes... But they also know guns. We are shooters, we are gun guys, and we are nerds. Trusting your online presence to a bunch of Prius driving, skinny jean wearing, lumbersexuals is a recipe for disaster. From web design to badass t-shirts, check out what trigger pulling nerds can do for you.

Your company is unique, your website should be too. A cookie cutter pre made site will just slow down your growth, we take the time to learn about you and come up with a truly custom solution for your web needs. We have talented designers, developers, and UX specialists at CFC that are ready and willing to make your site truly world class. 

Web Design Services

The world is a beautiful and visual place, we have the team to help bring your company to life in video, photos, and awesome print graphics that help you stand out from the flock. We also work with you to manage and promote yourself on social media platforms that are generally anti-gun. 

multimedia marketing for the gun industry

A great looking site is useless at the end of the day if it’s not being found. We have experience working with international companies down to mom and pop shops and have developed the skillset to maximize a site’s google ranking. We can also work with you to manage pay per click advertising that is too often over-spent and under planned. We want to make sure every cent you spend getting found is used to it’s fullest. 


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