Graphic Design

We know the value of a good logo, it’s the very core of your branding, a strong logo is an essential part of creating a successful brand. We have the knowledge and experience to create logos that not only look great on the web but can be engraved into parts, embroidered on clothing, or blown up to be a billboard sized sign without issue. Our team is well versed in all phases of logo design and we have been creating successful branding for decades. Whether you have a lackluster logo or you want to create something entirely new for your company we can help craft you a clean and powerful brand. 

Our team is filled with expert graphic artists that can make your digital advertising pop, sizzle, or whatever trendy web-ish jargon you’d like to use. If you need an ad banner, or anything digital we can help. Physical media is a stumbling point for many companies, that’s not the case with CFC. Our team has been creating print and physical graphics since the 90’s. From beer cans to packaging for retail items we’ve done it all. We are here to serve you on any graphic design project big or small. Bring us your cocktail napkin sketch and we’ll make it  a reality ! 



Video is a key to success in the modern internet.  Whether you’re looking to use YouTube to grow your brand awareness or integrating html5 video to make your website stand out from the crowd we can help. We have equipment and trained video editors to help bring your products or ideas to life. High definition video with great sound ads authority to your company’s web presence and can help drive business.


Photos are key to showing off what makes you different. Being different is how you succeed. From product photography to on location and stylized shoots we can deliver great photos to drive your business to new heights. We also work with some of the best photographers in the gun industry to ensure the absolute highest quality possible. 

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google +, …. . and what ever comes next. Social media can be a minefield and many companies can get lost on the road to using social media well. Huge amounts of time and money can be wasted trying to leverage social media, we can help. Our team will take the time to show you where to spend your time to get the highest amount of interaction on social media. 

We work with photographers and social media experts to set you up with great content and get you interaction from social media, which can provide huge return on investment. 



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